About me :

I am a writer and mother to Jamie, John and Mallika. Much of my working life has been spent at the grassroots bridging the gap between people, cultures and faiths. As a journalist and broadcaster, I have spoken and written for a world wide youth audience on values that shape and achieve harmony in personal and community life.

My travels have taken me to Kenya, Belfast, Cyprus, China, Singapre, Hong Kong, Thailand , Bali, London, Brazil, Israel, Dublin, and most of Western Europe researching and working with people and children who have suffered violence.

Interests : I love writing, being with my children and their friends, cooking, reading, listening to music, being by myself, being hospitable, growing my own vegetables, watching movies.

Books on my bedside table:

The Great Transformation by Karen Armstrong
The Inner Voice of Love by Henri Nouwen

I am here for you :

These are times when people have forgotten the value of dialoguing with respect for each other. Talking to each other about whatever is the problem, ironing out misunderstandings, making compromises, coming up with a new agenda that pleases everyone, developing a give and take attitude and forgiving mistakes, takes great strength and courage. Showing courtesy, being polite and good- mannered, not using abusive language and listening to what the other person has to say diffuses violence immediately. When you are able to do this, then you know that gentleness has taken over your work place.

Think of the different ways in which you can be violent with those around you. Which of these are used in your workplace, homes and so on? Can you try some of the gentle approaches instead of the violent ones this week?

Write to me if you feel that I can answer (or help find answers) about the various issues that lead you away from leading a life of respect, dignity and deep consideration for those around you…